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Välkommen till Nisses blogg!

Aktuella fakta:
Nils-Gunnar Nordlundh (ngn). Född: 1955. Gift: Sedan 1976. Barn: Ja, två vuxna.

F.n. (sep-2010) 100% Sjukersättning (sjukpensionär)
Opererade halsryggraden hösten 2005.
En av mina diagnoser är: Cervikal Spinal Stenos (CSS).

Jag gillar: Fotografering, ute, på sommaren.
Att blogga.
Tekniska spörsmål, gärna data. Politik engagerar mig också. Ja, och så gillar jag ju min fru också.

Min e-Post: nisse ( at ) ngn . nu
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12 svar på ”Om mig

  1. You are exactly at the right line.
    Click on 1795, it will turn blue. I guess you already did it.

    – Restart the jigidi in the window above the debugger (normal jigidi site)
    – the jigidi will restart and the saw in the middle of the screen will stop after the ring around it will be finished for 1/3 and will be shaded
    – the script will stop at line 1795
    – on the right side of the debugger (right of your word APPLIKATION) you will read something like (i) stopped at the breakpoint
    – above this line you will see a symbol like on old cassette players for play (triangleto the right)
    – hit this triangle and the script will continue again up to line 1795 and stop there again
    – click on the 1795 and the blue (?, maybe another color at your debugger) marking will disappear
    – click on line 1796, it will turn blue
    – hit the play symbol right of APPLIKATION again, the script will run to line 1796, the circle around the saw is almost finshed but still shaded
    – now go the console, in your browser KONSOL
    – click on the left lower corner, a line will appear
    – enter d=70 (where 70 ist the number of the puzzle pieces the puzzle has) or enter d=a.J (which is the same, but they changed the name of this variable a few times, safe ist d=70 or whatever the number of puzzle pieces is)
    – go back to the debugger (FELSÖKARE) again hit the play button again
    – the script will run to the end and all the puzzle pieces but one will be stacked
    – take a look at the video of danq (you have to release the mouse button after moving the stack, but you will see what I mean)

    That’s all, I’ll take a look at your blog in the morning
    Hope it works, do not hesitate to post the next picture ig something doesn’t work

  2. The world of computing is weird.
    I test the latest trick in my old PC with Linux Ubuntu 14.04 and Firefox 96.0 (32-bit) and there it works…

    In my New PC with Linux Ubuntu 20.04 and Firefox 96.0 (64-bit), it will not work.
    The process passing by the ’breaks’ at line 1795 and 1796.
    I can not figure out why?


  3. The jigidi-script asks/checks twice, whether all the puzzle pieces are scrambled. That line 1795. I don’t know why they do it twice at that point, perhaps just to make sure.
    The variable d=0 means, that no puzzle pieces are scrambled.
    Line 1796 checks, how many pieces are scrambled and repeats the process until all the pieces are scrambled and d=(number of pieces).
    That’s the point where we say d=400 (if the puzzle has 400 pieces). That tells the program that all the pieces have been scrambled, truth is, that they are still stacked.
    That does the trick
    I succeeded in only setting a breakpoint at 1796 and enter d=(whatever), but it didn’t work perfectly. Maybe there’s another routine I didn’t find.

    I can’t figure out a reason why it doesn’t work on Ubuntu 20, as the whole thing depends on the debugger of the browser no matter what OS you are driving. It works on Smartphones, MAC/OS and at least I checked three different browsers. The only difference between the browsers is the line number, when they present the script in an readable format sometimes the line numbers change.

  4. Hi Tron2015, I get it to work in Opera after enabling Developer mode (Ctrl+Shift+J) and I find the actual code at line 1252 & 1253 and after 2+1 [F8] I put the code: d=a.J in the Console and hit [Enter] and after that [F8] 🙂

    Firefox is still a problem…

  5. Yes, that is the Opera debugger. As I said, it should work in every browser not depending on the OS.

    You entered
    it’s the same when you enter
    d=(number of puzzle pieces)

    Jigidi often changed the name for the variable a.J
    Before it was a.G, before that it was something with ar.P

    For the futuer it might be better to try and remember the d=xxx option.

    I’m glad everything worked out, happy jigidiiing.

    By the way, do you puzzle for fun or for geocaching (as I do)?

  6. If you get it running with Opera it’s no use right now to look for the problem with firefox, as they will change their code in the next days/weeks/months again.
    Then we have to look for a new workaround

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