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ons 16-jan-2008 22:51

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I feel better now. Now my inconvenience is like they were before I start the medical treatment with Saroten. So? What does the Saroten have for effect? On me.

I start, the day, soft with breakfast and the morning newspaper. I collect energy too takes a deep deal with my computer and some database trouble with my official blog.

Blog Trouble
The MySQL database crash, in the late yesterday.
I have to repair it. It was a little bit nervous because I don’t knowing how much damage the crash has cause. It appeared that it was only the last post that have been destroyed. And that one I have in a separate filed document.

Theoretical Homework
We get some tasks at yesterday’s course in stress managing.
– Which are my stress indicators?
– Practice ’trigger’ before meal.
– Practices relax.
– Some reading.
– Which physical activities I choose?
– Identify ordinary or special, big or small moments, ’grain of gold’.

The time rush away and it was time for my salad. After that I take a walk. And when i came back I take a relax moment (practical homework).

Blog Development
The rest of the day, in parts, I spend with some blog development. I now test how to, in a ’fine’ way, fix so a user (reader) can click on a text line and come to the previous or the next post. When you have a single page up. I think I get it quite well. But I wait with to transfer the solution to my real blog.
I also upgrade the engine of WordPress to version 2.3.2 on my local computer. After that I get some problems with the third column (right sidebar). It appears on the end of each page? After some ’digging’ I find a solution in a so-called style file.

So, folks now it’s time to go to bed.

tis 15-jan-2008 8:48

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It is not a good idea to eat candy and believe that you can sleep well. Not if your name is ’Nisse’. I have acid indigestion in the late part of the night.

If we ignore that the morning was ok. The body felt ok.

This am was dedicated to collect energy for the pm Stress Managing Education.

I don’t know how it happened, but I have to stress my self to sit down and take time to eat. I eat and watch at the time. Is this a smart behaviour before a course in how to manage your stress? OK, I need it!

Stress Managing Education
Today we start with relax. And then we went to another room ant take place for the theoretical part. I’m not so comfortable with the pedagogy choice or more right the didactics (how to make the best learning situation). In this 2h and 40min we have only 2 ea 5min brake. It’s a long time to sit down for a person with neck pain trouble as my self. I have to stand up now and then.
The best with this education is to listen to what the others have to tell. You can get some ideas and you can hear that others have de same experience as your self.
The course material is good. It’s on an easily available level. And of course your own training is the most part. Without training you don’t develop at all.
Until next time we shall note which our stress indicators is and which is the daily, ordinary special moments ’grain of gold’. And some reading.

Digital Pictures
I give it up. My wife is continuing. She has now search the whole material and chosen a couple of hundred digital pictures. Next she shall start to priority or select the very best or most significant ones out. And after that we shall start to attack the problem how to put the digital pictures to the companies (extrafilm) home site. And after that design the pages in the future photo book (books).

Now (10:49 pm) it is time for me to get to the bed. I feel how the night medical start to work.

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Oh yes! This day start was nice. I hawe a feeling of to be alert. After some theoretical homework about the stress manage education, I decide to take a walk.
I take My GPS with Me. I hawe a discussion with My wife about the length on two different walks. My ordinary walk (Sheep Field Walk) or My wifes ordinary walk (Reed Bottom Walk). My standpoint was that the two different walks was nearly exactly of the same lenght. aprox 2,5-3 kilometre. My wife considered that here walk was mutch more longer

It was cold, windy and ruff weather. Not a nice walk. But I hope it was healthy. My walk lenght was: 3,02 km.

Back home, after change of sweaty clothes. And then I made a practical homework about the stress manage education. A nice moment of relax.

After My healthy lunch all My power was finished, no force, no nothing…

The phone wake Me up. It was My wife. She ask Me about the car. Was it ready? The car? I have forgot that we have a car at the repair shop! I tell her that. I rang the repair shop. The car was ready. I phone My wife back and told her that the car was ready. She should get it.

My plan this day was to take a walk to get the car at the repair shop. What to do? I decide to then measure My wife favourite ordinary walk. The clothes on, grab the GPS, and walk away.

Her walk was 3,31 km. That mean that the difference between My walk and My wifes walk is 290 metre.

A little bit irritating that My walk was 290m shorter. But I have most right. The two walks was nearly equal in length.

After this practical investigation, I was complete finished, again.

The wife came home and tell Me that they had not done any repair work on the car. Just the before check of the yearly motor vehicle inspection. Some of this repair men must be retarded. This was the second time this man just ’do nothing’?

I got irritaded – and then very tired, again.

The conclusion of the day: Two walks is one to much, for Me.

tis 8-jan-2008 18:49

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Stress Handle Education
Today it was the first day. A group of very more or less stressed people. We all is there to learn us how to manage our stress. A stress that have give us mostly rather serious symptom.
This first day was about how the whole course was composed. We give each other a short presentation. The first part was mostly theoretical and we finished the day with relax moment.
Unfortunately I suffer of a wery irritaded cough.

We get some homework to do untill next Tuesday:
Listen on a CD whit relax instructions.
Write down reflections (diary).
Train relax, ewery day.
Trigger training, a quick way to reach relax. (Put Your thumb, index finger and middle finger together, on Your left hand. Press. Feel the tens. Take a deep breath. Hold Your breath and feel the tens i the whole body. Tens… and relax in the hand and teh whole body.) Several times per day.
Identify My different ’Achilles’ heels’ in the following parts; physics, feelings, thoughts and behaviour.
Read a book: In swedish(’Landa Mjukt’. The English title: ’Land Soft!’. Author: Elisabeth Solin. ISBN: 91-88822-01-x.

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