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tor 17-jan-2008 20:58

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To day I made up a list over the positive and negative effects off the medical Saroten.
+ In good mood.
+ Maybe is the basic tens a little bit lower?
– More difficult to hold weight.
– The body hold more fluid.
– Munch thirstier.
– More often headache (normally I have none).
– Slow the first morning hours (normally I is alert).
– All my other symptoms are the same.
– An additional chemical in the body.

This scales slam in the table on the negative side. Add then that I’m not sure if the two positive items maybe can depend on the fact that I have start a stress managing education and is a good student.
I have 3 weeks left of the time I decide for this ’test’.

After my breakfast I take a walk. Before lunch (salad) a 22min of relax.

Spend some time in front of the computer and my digital pictures. I have diced to make a DVD to my parents. I had a lot of pictures they newer had seen.

Then my wife came home from her job. And she wants to look at the pictures she will chose for her photo book, on my computer. :(

Next mission for the day was to go to a commission as host for a gymnastic group of seniors arranged by our Swedish idealistic union Friskis&Svettis.
It was nice. A tempo there all get time to manage the different movements.

And I made a short visit in the food store on my way back home. I needed some vegetables. And I by no candy!

Back home I ease my hunger with some buckwheat porridge, porridge banana and rice drink. That’s my dinner.

tis 15-jan-2008 8:48

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It is not a good idea to eat candy and believe that you can sleep well. Not if your name is ’Nisse’. I have acid indigestion in the late part of the night.

If we ignore that the morning was ok. The body felt ok.

This am was dedicated to collect energy for the pm Stress Managing Education.

I don’t know how it happened, but I have to stress my self to sit down and take time to eat. I eat and watch at the time. Is this a smart behaviour before a course in how to manage your stress? OK, I need it!

Stress Managing Education
Today we start with relax. And then we went to another room ant take place for the theoretical part. I’m not so comfortable with the pedagogy choice or more right the didactics (how to make the best learning situation). In this 2h and 40min we have only 2 ea 5min brake. It’s a long time to sit down for a person with neck pain trouble as my self. I have to stand up now and then.
The best with this education is to listen to what the others have to tell. You can get some ideas and you can hear that others have de same experience as your self.
The course material is good. It’s on an easily available level. And of course your own training is the most part. Without training you don’t develop at all.
Until next time we shall note which our stress indicators is and which is the daily, ordinary special moments ’grain of gold’. And some reading.

Digital Pictures
I give it up. My wife is continuing. She has now search the whole material and chosen a couple of hundred digital pictures. Next she shall start to priority or select the very best or most significant ones out. And after that we shall start to attack the problem how to put the digital pictures to the companies (extrafilm) home site. And after that design the pages in the future photo book (books).

Now (10:49 pm) it is time for me to get to the bed. I feel how the night medical start to work.

sön 13-jan-2008 21:08

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To day, a typical Sunday. My body is still slow so there is no much idea to even think about to do something.

But a walk, I feel I have to do. We, my wife and me, have some walks to choose between. To day the choice fall on a wood walk. We call it ”Lilla rundan” (Small Walk). Probably that depends on the fact that this walk is the shortest of our wood walks.

It was nice. Sun shine. Not so cold. We went up in the middle of a hunt. Dogs barking and gun shots. We hurry up our steps.

The rest of the day I be in a tired condition.

Just now (in this write moment) my wife go on with a search among all ours digital pictures, which is interesting for her, approx. 3000ea. We have totally over 10000ea but de most of them are mine animal and nature pictures.
We shall now choose pictures and let one of these photo company (extrafilm) on the net made one ore several photo books at us. When the wife is ready it is my turn. I made a photo book for 2006. So I have it a little bit easier. Or not? It was under the 2007 I took the most of my digital pictures.

How shall I be able to that?

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