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fre 11-jan-2008 12:42

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The new added medicine, mix up my body. My symptoms increase. But my mind is in some strange way more clear. In opposite to the body that is more slow. I know that the medicine Saroten have a lot of side effects and it take 1-2 weeks to reach the treat level. And after that I shall wait at least 3 weeks until I know if the medication has any effect. And the effect I want is a reduce effect on the nerve-cause trouble. Like nerve signals that tell my muscles to tense. I can then reduce the pain reduce medicines (Alvedon, Brufen and Paraflex).

Work Visit
I went to my work today. Mostly dependence on that I should leave My Medical Doctor’s Certificate. I also get a nice chat with some of my work-mate and with my chief.

After that i went home and practice a relax exercise. Then I eat my healthy salad lunch. And after that, a nap.

Car Repair Shop
After a couple of hours i get up and start the hunt after a car repair shop. I was to late. Most of them have closed for the day, 2 pm. I have to get hold on that until Monday.

Internet Bank
I have some trouble with a Internet bank, IKANO bank. For some time ago I asked them if I could open a account and I want to transfer money from a account on SwedBank. No problem, it was just to click and everything was ready to work.
Some days after that I notice that in My Internet SwedBank there have appear a ’AutoGiro’ (in Swedish that mean a monthly transfer of a given sum of money via a economical service called the BankGiro.). I stopped that. My thought was to transfer money from SwedBank to IKANO Bank. So I not wanted to give the IKONO Bank rights to transfer money from SwedBank to them.
After a while I receive a letter [no 1] from the ’BankGiro’ That tell My that I now was welcome as customer in their service AutoGiro, that should automatic transfer a monthly sum of money from SwedBank to IKANO Bank. I rang the IKANO Bank and explain for them that I not want this ’AutoGiro’. No problem, they stopped it.
Some days after that i receive a letter [no 2] from IKANO Bank that tell Me that I was welcome as customer and that I have give the permission to transfer money via the service AutoGiro from SwedBank to IKANO Bank. I rang the IKANO Bank again and now I wonder what is going on? They have no intelligible explanation. The answer I get was that all was right and there is no ’AutoGiro’, it was stopped. I was satisfied with that.
After about a week or two i receive a letter [no 3] from the IKANO Bank that tell Me that I was welcome as customer and that I have give the permission to transfer money via the service AutoGiro from SwedBank to IKANO Bank. Now I get worried. I rang them again. Same explanation, they could not give my any intelligible explanation this time either. But they promise me that there is no ’AutoGiro’ that is active. The even rang me up one extra time to confirm that there was no AutoGiro active.
Good, I think.
Today i receive a letter [no 4] from the ’BankGiro’ that tell Me that I was welcome as customer and that I have give the permission to transfer money via the service AutoGiro from SwedBank to IKANO Bank.
I think I shall leave this IKANO Bank. I get no trust and no confidence.

Card Game
The working part of us, My wife, came home. On Friday it is nice to do something special. Because of My medication I not want to drink beer. So I drank carbonated mineral water. We fetch the cards for a nice card game. We called it ’500’. I do not explain it but you shall reach 500 points. I lost twice.

After that we watch TV.

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Oh yes! This day start was nice. I hawe a feeling of to be alert. After some theoretical homework about the stress manage education, I decide to take a walk.
I take My GPS with Me. I hawe a discussion with My wife about the length on two different walks. My ordinary walk (Sheep Field Walk) or My wifes ordinary walk (Reed Bottom Walk). My standpoint was that the two different walks was nearly exactly of the same lenght. aprox 2,5-3 kilometre. My wife considered that here walk was mutch more longer

It was cold, windy and ruff weather. Not a nice walk. But I hope it was healthy. My walk lenght was: 3,02 km.

Back home, after change of sweaty clothes. And then I made a practical homework about the stress manage education. A nice moment of relax.

After My healthy lunch all My power was finished, no force, no nothing…

The phone wake Me up. It was My wife. She ask Me about the car. Was it ready? The car? I have forgot that we have a car at the repair shop! I tell her that. I rang the repair shop. The car was ready. I phone My wife back and told her that the car was ready. She should get it.

My plan this day was to take a walk to get the car at the repair shop. What to do? I decide to then measure My wife favourite ordinary walk. The clothes on, grab the GPS, and walk away.

Her walk was 3,31 km. That mean that the difference between My walk and My wifes walk is 290 metre.

A little bit irritating that My walk was 290m shorter. But I have most right. The two walks was nearly equal in length.

After this practical investigation, I was complete finished, again.

The wife came home and tell Me that they had not done any repair work on the car. Just the before check of the yearly motor vehicle inspection. Some of this repair men must be retarded. This was the second time this man just ’do nothing’?

I got irritaded – and then very tired, again.

The conclusion of the day: Two walks is one to much, for Me.

ons 9-jan-2008 22:46

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I believe that it is the medical stuff Saroten that make Me so tired.

The Dentist
Some days ago I lost a pice of a tooth inte below part at right. When I eat PopCorn. I do not have any pain in it. So there was no hurry. After a short discussion I decide to take a anaesthesia. I am a wery sensetive person. After a short while I was 820 SEK more poor.

The Car
Our car have som strange noise in the front. A noise we have a suspicion of that it should not be there. I think it could be something with the breaks on the left side. We also want the car repairer to check the car before the yearly motor vehicle inspection. More costs.

The Swedish Social Insurance Office
It is in the hand of the Swedish Central Government. Today I received a letter from the Swedish Social Insurance Office. Whit a message on it: ”New decision from the Swedish Central Government. The Swedish Social Insurance Office use a recalculation factor in the calculation of Your compensation (…). The Swedish Central Government have decide that lower the factor from 0,989 to 0,97 from the beginning of this year.”
In My case this mean about 390 SEK less money (before tax) per mounth.
This recalculation factor is not used on your regular salary. Your compensation (from Swedish Social Insurance Office) is based on a annual salary wich is first converted to someting called Sickness benefit Grounded Income (SGI). And this SGI is the base for Your compensation. You get (80% of SGI) multiplyed with (from now) 0,97 (recalculation factor).

Some of us in Sweden have the advantage to have a added employer insurance (afa). This mean that I allmost reach 90% of my mountly regular salary – if You have been sick for more than 90 days.

In My case it is a little bit more complicated. I have 50% disability pension and that is calculated with 64% of the SGI. In the end I reach a totally compensation of about 80% of My mountly salary.
But the Swedish Central Government want to lower this totally compensation level, even if I have a private complement insurance. So far they have been stopped by the refferal instances.

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