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fre 18-jan-2008 21:42

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The day starts, very well. Rainy weather, so I await some better weather, for a walk. I made up a plan ( I am WF today):
– Breakfast.
– Some computing.
– Relax.
– Lunch.
– Some tidying up (vacuum-clean and clean toilets).
– A Walk (if better weather).
– Some shopping (mostly food, maybe some candy?).
– Dinner.
– Some computing.
– Watch TV.
– Go to sleep.

That’s the plan. Her is the outcome:
– Breakfast.
– Some computing.
– Relax.
– Lunch.
– Start some tidying up vacuum cleaning. In this item I take it easy and slow, many coffee breaks. In one of this breaks I decide to upgrade my blog. In the morning I receive a message from my web host support that tell me to backup my files and data. And also to upgrade WordPress to the newest version 2.3.2. No problem I’ve done that with my local computer and all run fine. I deal with the backups. And then I log in to my domain to start the simple upgrade tool (Fantastico!). There was no one? I asked the support but get no rapid answer so I start to copy the needed files from my local computer to my domain. And I use the tool WebFolder.
It takes just a few minutes. Done. Press reload in the blog windows. It all gets blank white! :?:
What in h*ll! :evil:
After some check it appeared that the tool have erased the whole blog. Totally blank :?. I start to copy each folder one by one, from my backups. It’s a lot of files! But I get no result, the blog window was still blank. It seems that the tool WebFolder still erased already copied files :?: . I wrote a new message to the support at the web host and ask after a FTP application that can copy a entire structure. Before I receive the message I have found and installed a FTP application, SmartTFP Client 2.0 (the same as the support suggested later). I start to copy back (restore), my backup files again. And finally it starts up! :D
And I get so sure so I start even the copy of the latest version of WordPress. And that get well that to! :lol:
But this whole ”crash” steel some time, over 2 hours :| .
I made a quick finish with the vacuum cleaner. The clean of the toilets have to wait until tomorrow.
– Some shopping (mostly food, much candy!)
– Dinner and candy.
– Some computing (this).
– Maybe I watch some TV.
– Absolutely I go to bed.

:!: Today’s hint. Do not do any updates in the same time you tidying up. Do not make a quick tidying up finish. And skip the shopping afterwards:!:

My body is just now very tense.

tor 17-jan-2008 20:58

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To day I made up a list over the positive and negative effects off the medical Saroten.
+ In good mood.
+ Maybe is the basic tens a little bit lower?
– More difficult to hold weight.
– The body hold more fluid.
– Munch thirstier.
– More often headache (normally I have none).
– Slow the first morning hours (normally I is alert).
– All my other symptoms are the same.
– An additional chemical in the body.

This scales slam in the table on the negative side. Add then that I’m not sure if the two positive items maybe can depend on the fact that I have start a stress managing education and is a good student.
I have 3 weeks left of the time I decide for this ’test’.

After my breakfast I take a walk. Before lunch (salad) a 22min of relax.

Spend some time in front of the computer and my digital pictures. I have diced to make a DVD to my parents. I had a lot of pictures they newer had seen.

Then my wife came home from her job. And she wants to look at the pictures she will chose for her photo book, on my computer. :(

Next mission for the day was to go to a commission as host for a gymnastic group of seniors arranged by our Swedish idealistic union Friskis&Svettis.
It was nice. A tempo there all get time to manage the different movements.

And I made a short visit in the food store on my way back home. I needed some vegetables. And I by no candy!

Back home I ease my hunger with some buckwheat porridge, porridge banana and rice drink. That’s my dinner.

tor 17-jan-2008 11:14

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I can’t understand, or I will not understand, why the Swedish Government shall give money to GM? OK, it’s for research for the environments best. But, if the car producer will produce and sell cars so must it will be up to them to fit their product to the consumers need and the best for the environment.
Between the lines you can read about this in Swedish newspapers and it says that if the Swedish Government not contribute to this GM govern research so will GM close down their car companies in Sweden.
Isn’t that blackmail?

In my mind the Swedish central Government, the Regional Governments and the local Governments have done a lot of capital investments in infrastructure to make it easy for this car companies to have their production in Sweden.

And this huge global group GM is not lack of capital.

This, my friends, is how the capital market works. Set some press on Government with lot of money in your back and you get what you want. And the politics bend and curtsey and is full of gratitude that they can be helpful in such important matter.

I say: ’F**k Off!’

Start walking and biking!

Stop by big, heavy, expensive cars with a lot of (to much) horsepower and a max speed that reach almost three times the allowed maximum speed on all roads.

If reduce the horsepower to (?) max 100 and the max speed to (?) 140 km/h, would this reduce the discharge with (?) 50% (from that type of cars).

Boycott, big, heavy, powerful and to fast cars.

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ons 16-jan-2008 22:51

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I feel better now. Now my inconvenience is like they were before I start the medical treatment with Saroten. So? What does the Saroten have for effect? On me.

I start, the day, soft with breakfast and the morning newspaper. I collect energy too takes a deep deal with my computer and some database trouble with my official blog.

Blog Trouble
The MySQL database crash, in the late yesterday.
I have to repair it. It was a little bit nervous because I don’t knowing how much damage the crash has cause. It appeared that it was only the last post that have been destroyed. And that one I have in a separate filed document.

Theoretical Homework
We get some tasks at yesterday’s course in stress managing.
– Which are my stress indicators?
– Practice ’trigger’ before meal.
– Practices relax.
– Some reading.
– Which physical activities I choose?
– Identify ordinary or special, big or small moments, ’grain of gold’.

The time rush away and it was time for my salad. After that I take a walk. And when i came back I take a relax moment (practical homework).

Blog Development
The rest of the day, in parts, I spend with some blog development. I now test how to, in a ’fine’ way, fix so a user (reader) can click on a text line and come to the previous or the next post. When you have a single page up. I think I get it quite well. But I wait with to transfer the solution to my real blog.
I also upgrade the engine of WordPress to version 2.3.2 on my local computer. After that I get some problems with the third column (right sidebar). It appears on the end of each page? After some ’digging’ I find a solution in a so-called style file.

So, folks now it’s time to go to bed.

tis 15-jan-2008 20:49

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Today I can say that I have de feeling that I feel better.

I start, the day, with a walk. I prefer to walk on flat land. I have notice that I rapidly get bad if I walk in ground there it is more up and down. I’m not sure about what that can depend on? I’m in good shape, in the meaning of good condition. It’s enough to take a ride in an elevator.

I’m a very good student. I do my homework. I think I reach the relax state more easy now. And the feeling afterwards is wellbeing, until I raise. But no hard feelings. It gets better in small steps.

Blog Development
After my, ordinary but not like the other, salad I get to the computer and start to fix with some smaller problem and some new thoughts about how to develop my blog page. I’m having start looking at to add a extra row on the blog, with tabs. But I more use this tabs as links to my other web sites. I done this on my local develop environment. And when it all seems to work well I transfer it to my real blog.

Gymnastics (healthy exercise)
This day was my first day as a functionary, this year, in the Swedish Friskis&Svettis. And we call it to be a host, in Swedish sense this mean that both men and woman can have this commission. It is a starter group. All the movements are a little bit moor easy compare with groups like Basis. There is also middle and more intensive groups. I have a functionary commission (host) on Thursday also. In a group called Senior. These groups have an intensity that fit my capacity.

After the physical training the next mission was to deal with some food shopping. There were a lot of ingredients that I need for my salads. At the end I felt that this was to much. My energy rapidly drains. It was with a effort that I take me and the car back home.

I’m not sure what it’s depending on but I came home with some candy? I blame it on a ham in my salad the previous days. I suspect it was prepare with glucose (sugar) and that fact stimulate the sugar level in a bad direction. It starts a chemical need for sugar. I called it trigger food. It is food with a high level of fast carbohydrate (fast sugar). This trigger food, trigger me to eat more than I need. So now I have to deal with a mental problem – stop the bad eating behaviour, before it’s affix, again.

I end the day with some more blog development

tis 15-jan-2008 8:48

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It is not a good idea to eat candy and believe that you can sleep well. Not if your name is ’Nisse’. I have acid indigestion in the late part of the night.

If we ignore that the morning was ok. The body felt ok.

This am was dedicated to collect energy for the pm Stress Managing Education.

I don’t know how it happened, but I have to stress my self to sit down and take time to eat. I eat and watch at the time. Is this a smart behaviour before a course in how to manage your stress? OK, I need it!

Stress Managing Education
Today we start with relax. And then we went to another room ant take place for the theoretical part. I’m not so comfortable with the pedagogy choice or more right the didactics (how to make the best learning situation). In this 2h and 40min we have only 2 ea 5min brake. It’s a long time to sit down for a person with neck pain trouble as my self. I have to stand up now and then.
The best with this education is to listen to what the others have to tell. You can get some ideas and you can hear that others have de same experience as your self.
The course material is good. It’s on an easily available level. And of course your own training is the most part. Without training you don’t develop at all.
Until next time we shall note which our stress indicators is and which is the daily, ordinary special moments ’grain of gold’. And some reading.

Digital Pictures
I give it up. My wife is continuing. She has now search the whole material and chosen a couple of hundred digital pictures. Next she shall start to priority or select the very best or most significant ones out. And after that we shall start to attack the problem how to put the digital pictures to the companies (extrafilm) home site. And after that design the pages in the future photo book (books).

Now (10:49 pm) it is time for me to get to the bed. I feel how the night medical start to work.

sön 13-jan-2008 21:08

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To day, a typical Sunday. My body is still slow so there is no much idea to even think about to do something.

But a walk, I feel I have to do. We, my wife and me, have some walks to choose between. To day the choice fall on a wood walk. We call it ”Lilla rundan” (Small Walk). Probably that depends on the fact that this walk is the shortest of our wood walks.

It was nice. Sun shine. Not so cold. We went up in the middle of a hunt. Dogs barking and gun shots. We hurry up our steps.

The rest of the day I be in a tired condition.

Just now (in this write moment) my wife go on with a search among all ours digital pictures, which is interesting for her, approx. 3000ea. We have totally over 10000ea but de most of them are mine animal and nature pictures.
We shall now choose pictures and let one of these photo company (extrafilm) on the net made one ore several photo books at us. When the wife is ready it is my turn. I made a photo book for 2006. So I have it a little bit easier. Or not? It was under the 2007 I took the most of my digital pictures.

How shall I be able to that?

lör 12-jan-2008 22:29

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I have huge problems with my body. And I am sure it depends on the medical Saroten. I give it 4 weeks.

The whole day I gather power, force… however… in the am at three a clock the gymnastic starts. Because of the cold I haven’t move my body in gymnastic way for a while. And now I furthermore was affected by medical stuff that slow me down, in some way.
The ’Friskis&Svettis’ (Swedish. In English it would be: ’Healthy&Sweaty’) is in Sweden a very big idealistic (non-profit) organization. Spread all over the country and i some other countries. The leaders are very well educated. And the gymnastics can be choosing after different skills. I’m a gymnastic F&S leader my self. That gives me an advantage. It is more easy for me to adapt the movements so it fit my, for now, immobile body. I move my self like a refrigerator.

I survive. I could walk home by my self.

Turtle Cartoon
In my plan this day I have in mind that I should make a little cute digital cartoon of a turtle. I went to my computer. Put my bottom in my office chair. Start up the graphic application. And I could not do anything? My arms feel very heavy. So I have to leave and do something else. Just walk around, in the flat, drink some coffee, rest in the bed, sit on a chair in the kitchen, walk around in the flat some more. After some time I went back to my office chair in front of my computer and now I get in progress. But it was tough. I have to take several breaks. Now it is ready. See if you can find it at the website: (all in Swedish).

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fre 11-jan-2008 12:42

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The new added medicine, mix up my body. My symptoms increase. But my mind is in some strange way more clear. In opposite to the body that is more slow. I know that the medicine Saroten have a lot of side effects and it take 1-2 weeks to reach the treat level. And after that I shall wait at least 3 weeks until I know if the medication has any effect. And the effect I want is a reduce effect on the nerve-cause trouble. Like nerve signals that tell my muscles to tense. I can then reduce the pain reduce medicines (Alvedon, Brufen and Paraflex).

Work Visit
I went to my work today. Mostly dependence on that I should leave My Medical Doctor’s Certificate. I also get a nice chat with some of my work-mate and with my chief.

After that i went home and practice a relax exercise. Then I eat my healthy salad lunch. And after that, a nap.

Car Repair Shop
After a couple of hours i get up and start the hunt after a car repair shop. I was to late. Most of them have closed for the day, 2 pm. I have to get hold on that until Monday.

Internet Bank
I have some trouble with a Internet bank, IKANO bank. For some time ago I asked them if I could open a account and I want to transfer money from a account on SwedBank. No problem, it was just to click and everything was ready to work.
Some days after that I notice that in My Internet SwedBank there have appear a ’AutoGiro’ (in Swedish that mean a monthly transfer of a given sum of money via a economical service called the BankGiro.). I stopped that. My thought was to transfer money from SwedBank to IKANO Bank. So I not wanted to give the IKONO Bank rights to transfer money from SwedBank to them.
After a while I receive a letter [no 1] from the ’BankGiro’ That tell My that I now was welcome as customer in their service AutoGiro, that should automatic transfer a monthly sum of money from SwedBank to IKANO Bank. I rang the IKANO Bank and explain for them that I not want this ’AutoGiro’. No problem, they stopped it.
Some days after that i receive a letter [no 2] from IKANO Bank that tell Me that I was welcome as customer and that I have give the permission to transfer money via the service AutoGiro from SwedBank to IKANO Bank. I rang the IKANO Bank again and now I wonder what is going on? They have no intelligible explanation. The answer I get was that all was right and there is no ’AutoGiro’, it was stopped. I was satisfied with that.
After about a week or two i receive a letter [no 3] from the IKANO Bank that tell Me that I was welcome as customer and that I have give the permission to transfer money via the service AutoGiro from SwedBank to IKANO Bank. Now I get worried. I rang them again. Same explanation, they could not give my any intelligible explanation this time either. But they promise me that there is no ’AutoGiro’ that is active. The even rang me up one extra time to confirm that there was no AutoGiro active.
Good, I think.
Today i receive a letter [no 4] from the ’BankGiro’ that tell Me that I was welcome as customer and that I have give the permission to transfer money via the service AutoGiro from SwedBank to IKANO Bank.
I think I shall leave this IKANO Bank. I get no trust and no confidence.

Card Game
The working part of us, My wife, came home. On Friday it is nice to do something special. Because of My medication I not want to drink beer. So I drank carbonated mineral water. We fetch the cards for a nice card game. We called it ’500’. I do not explain it but you shall reach 500 points. I lost twice.

After that we watch TV.

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Oh yes! This day start was nice. I hawe a feeling of to be alert. After some theoretical homework about the stress manage education, I decide to take a walk.
I take My GPS with Me. I hawe a discussion with My wife about the length on two different walks. My ordinary walk (Sheep Field Walk) or My wifes ordinary walk (Reed Bottom Walk). My standpoint was that the two different walks was nearly exactly of the same lenght. aprox 2,5-3 kilometre. My wife considered that here walk was mutch more longer

It was cold, windy and ruff weather. Not a nice walk. But I hope it was healthy. My walk lenght was: 3,02 km.

Back home, after change of sweaty clothes. And then I made a practical homework about the stress manage education. A nice moment of relax.

After My healthy lunch all My power was finished, no force, no nothing…

The phone wake Me up. It was My wife. She ask Me about the car. Was it ready? The car? I have forgot that we have a car at the repair shop! I tell her that. I rang the repair shop. The car was ready. I phone My wife back and told her that the car was ready. She should get it.

My plan this day was to take a walk to get the car at the repair shop. What to do? I decide to then measure My wife favourite ordinary walk. The clothes on, grab the GPS, and walk away.

Her walk was 3,31 km. That mean that the difference between My walk and My wifes walk is 290 metre.

A little bit irritating that My walk was 290m shorter. But I have most right. The two walks was nearly equal in length.

After this practical investigation, I was complete finished, again.

The wife came home and tell Me that they had not done any repair work on the car. Just the before check of the yearly motor vehicle inspection. Some of this repair men must be retarded. This was the second time this man just ’do nothing’?

I got irritaded – and then very tired, again.

The conclusion of the day: Two walks is one to much, for Me.

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