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In Sweden we probably have another definition on poverty compare with them that really don’t have nothing.

In Sweden it shall not be possible to be real poor.

What do I then mean with poor?
You hawe no means att all.
You hawe no job.
None economic subsidy.
No place to live, not even a roof over Your head.
And – a thought paus – it is not a self choice.

You are completly dependence of alms and charity.
You live in a land ther the community / government / or corresponding do not care in them which is poor. These have to blame them self.

Who is poor?
I become a little bit thoughtful when high politician express that they certainly have theirs roots as poor labour child?
These must mean that they have no access to the welfare that more well-to-do have.
These have a roof ower their head.
These have enough food for the day.
It probably was a possibility to income work, even if it was small. And just the expression ’labour child’ made me think that at last one of the parents hade a job. And if nobody in the family have job, they have some small alms within the frame of government responsibillity or some trade union.

One that have been poor, he said, is a Swede named Johan Staël von Holstein, among other things he is a chronical for the Swedish free everyday newsletter ’metro’. I beleve that Johan Staël von Holstein not really understand what really poverty is.

What can we do about the poverty – in the world?
Human being starve to dead.
Human being use as slaves.

Can You and Me do anything?
Yes, we can! We can act on the basis of our safe base. If we not can contribute financial we can agitae, arouse public opinion.

We can also think a little bit extra when it is time for political election. What or which political party want to either care at or increase our aid to human being who die or suffer in theirs poverty.

In the break rooms it is time to not be quiet.

In the internet rooms via blogs and comments e.g. You can agitate to decrease the poverty in the world.

Is it possible to completely get rid of the poverty?
Of course! But there is strong economic interest that work against. The world leading well-to-do (the rich) will not that all people on the planet will have a job. Some unemployed quantity is good, will some mean.

In the same way, will this well-to-do discuss, against the poverty; If all people in the world would have human welfare, so will theirs profit decrease. And such a horrible thing may not, of course, happen?

The biggest threat, against increased or conserve poverty, is therefore the well-to-do (the rich). It is against these we shall agitate. It is these we will drag out in the light.

These well-to-do shall be forced to state there standpoint: I want to continue to be well-to-do (rich) at the price of that the poor people die.

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