Stressful Friday

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The day starts, very well. Rainy weather, so I await some better weather, for a walk. I made up a plan ( I am WF today):
– Breakfast.
– Some computing.
– Relax.
– Lunch.
– Some tidying up (vacuum-clean and clean toilets).
– A Walk (if better weather).
– Some shopping (mostly food, maybe some candy?).
– Dinner.
– Some computing.
– Watch TV.
– Go to sleep.

That’s the plan. Her is the outcome:
– Breakfast.
– Some computing.
– Relax.
– Lunch.
– Start some tidying up vacuum cleaning. In this item I take it easy and slow, many coffee breaks. In one of this breaks I decide to upgrade my blog. In the morning I receive a message from my web host support that tell me to backup my files and data. And also to upgrade WordPress to the newest version 2.3.2. No problem I’ve done that with my local computer and all run fine. I deal with the backups. And then I log in to my domain to start the simple upgrade tool (Fantastico!). There was no one? I asked the support but get no rapid answer so I start to copy the needed files from my local computer to my domain. And I use the tool WebFolder.
It takes just a few minutes. Done. Press reload in the blog windows. It all gets blank white! :?:
What in h*ll! :evil:
After some check it appeared that the tool have erased the whole blog. Totally blank :?. I start to copy each folder one by one, from my backups. It’s a lot of files! But I get no result, the blog window was still blank. It seems that the tool WebFolder still erased already copied files :?: . I wrote a new message to the support at the web host and ask after a FTP application that can copy a entire structure. Before I receive the message I have found and installed a FTP application, SmartTFP Client 2.0 (the same as the support suggested later). I start to copy back (restore), my backup files again. And finally it starts up! :D
And I get so sure so I start even the copy of the latest version of WordPress. And that get well that to! :lol:
But this whole ”crash” steel some time, over 2 hours :| .
I made a quick finish with the vacuum cleaner. The clean of the toilets have to wait until tomorrow.
– Some shopping (mostly food, much candy!)
– Dinner and candy.
– Some computing (this).
– Maybe I watch some TV.
– Absolutely I go to bed.

:!: Today’s hint. Do not do any updates in the same time you tidying up. Do not make a quick tidying up finish. And skip the shopping afterwards:!:

My body is just now very tense.

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