GM and the Swedish Government.

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I can’t understand, or I will not understand, why the Swedish Government shall give money to GM? OK, it’s for research for the environments best. But, if the car producer will produce and sell cars so must it will be up to them to fit their product to the consumers need and the best for the environment.
Between the lines you can read about this in Swedish newspapers and it says that if the Swedish Government not contribute to this GM govern research so will GM close down their car companies in Sweden.
Isn’t that blackmail?

In my mind the Swedish central Government, the Regional Governments and the local Governments have done a lot of capital investments in infrastructure to make it easy for this car companies to have their production in Sweden.

And this huge global group GM is not lack of capital.

This, my friends, is how the capital market works. Set some press on Government with lot of money in your back and you get what you want. And the politics bend and curtsey and is full of gratitude that they can be helpful in such important matter.

I say: ’F**k Off!’

Start walking and biking!

Stop by big, heavy, expensive cars with a lot of (to much) horsepower and a max speed that reach almost three times the allowed maximum speed on all roads.

If reduce the horsepower to (?) max 100 and the max speed to (?) 140 km/h, would this reduce the discharge with (?) 50% (from that type of cars).

Boycott, big, heavy, powerful and to fast cars.

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  1. Men man måste ju ändå säga att regeringen har hittat ett sätt få fram pengarna till GM, ett sätt man i.ofs har snott från den förra regeringen. Man skär ner på sjukvården såpass mycket att sjuka människor som ändå inte arbetar dör och då inte heller behöver sjukpenning. Två flugor på smällen alltså. Bra, eller?

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