Almost free Wednesday.

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I feel better now. Now my inconvenience is like they were before I start the medical treatment with Saroten. So? What does the Saroten have for effect? On me.

I start, the day, soft with breakfast and the morning newspaper. I collect energy too takes a deep deal with my computer and some database trouble with my official blog.

Blog Trouble
The MySQL database crash, in the late yesterday.
I have to repair it. It was a little bit nervous because I don’t knowing how much damage the crash has cause. It appeared that it was only the last post that have been destroyed. And that one I have in a separate filed document.

Theoretical Homework
We get some tasks at yesterday’s course in stress managing.
– Which are my stress indicators?
– Practice ’trigger’ before meal.
– Practices relax.
– Some reading.
– Which physical activities I choose?
– Identify ordinary or special, big or small moments, ’grain of gold’.

The time rush away and it was time for my salad. After that I take a walk. And when i came back I take a relax moment (practical homework).

Blog Development
The rest of the day, in parts, I spend with some blog development. I now test how to, in a ’fine’ way, fix so a user (reader) can click on a text line and come to the previous or the next post. When you have a single page up. I think I get it quite well. But I wait with to transfer the solution to my real blog.
I also upgrade the engine of WordPress to version 2.3.2 on my local computer. After that I get some problems with the third column (right sidebar). It appears on the end of each page? After some ’digging’ I find a solution in a so-called style file.

So, folks now it’s time to go to bed.

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