Better Monday.

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Today I can say that I have de feeling that I feel better.

I start, the day, with a walk. I prefer to walk on flat land. I have notice that I rapidly get bad if I walk in ground there it is more up and down. I’m not sure about what that can depend on? I’m in good shape, in the meaning of good condition. It’s enough to take a ride in an elevator.

I’m a very good student. I do my homework. I think I reach the relax state more easy now. And the feeling afterwards is wellbeing, until I raise. But no hard feelings. It gets better in small steps.

Blog Development
After my, ordinary but not like the other, salad I get to the computer and start to fix with some smaller problem and some new thoughts about how to develop my blog page. I’m having start looking at to add a extra row on the blog, with tabs. But I more use this tabs as links to my other web sites. I done this on my local develop environment. And when it all seems to work well I transfer it to my real blog.

Gymnastics (healthy exercise)
This day was my first day as a functionary, this year, in the Swedish Friskis&Svettis. And we call it to be a host, in Swedish sense this mean that both men and woman can have this commission. It is a starter group. All the movements are a little bit moor easy compare with groups like Basis. There is also middle and more intensive groups. I have a functionary commission (host) on Thursday also. In a group called Senior. These groups have an intensity that fit my capacity.

After the physical training the next mission was to deal with some food shopping. There were a lot of ingredients that I need for my salads. At the end I felt that this was to much. My energy rapidly drains. It was with a effort that I take me and the car back home.

I’m not sure what it’s depending on but I came home with some candy? I blame it on a ham in my salad the previous days. I suspect it was prepare with glucose (sugar) and that fact stimulate the sugar level in a bad direction. It starts a chemical need for sugar. I called it trigger food. It is food with a high level of fast carbohydrate (fast sugar). This trigger food, trigger me to eat more than I need. So now I have to deal with a mental problem – stop the bad eating behaviour, before it’s affix, again.

I end the day with some more blog development

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