Slow Sunday.

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To day, a typical Sunday. My body is still slow so there is no much idea to even think about to do something.

But a walk, I feel I have to do. We, my wife and me, have some walks to choose between. To day the choice fall on a wood walk. We call it ”Lilla rundan” (Small Walk). Probably that depends on the fact that this walk is the shortest of our wood walks.

It was nice. Sun shine. Not so cold. We went up in the middle of a hunt. Dogs barking and gun shots. We hurry up our steps.

The rest of the day I be in a tired condition.

Just now (in this write moment) my wife go on with a search among all ours digital pictures, which is interesting for her, approx. 3000ea. We have totally over 10000ea but de most of them are mine animal and nature pictures.
We shall now choose pictures and let one of these photo company (extrafilm) on the net made one ore several photo books at us. When the wife is ready it is my turn. I made a photo book for 2006. So I have it a little bit easier. Or not? It was under the 2007 I took the most of my digital pictures.

How shall I be able to that?

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