Educated Tuesday.

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Stress Handle Education
Today it was the first day. A group of very more or less stressed people. We all is there to learn us how to manage our stress. A stress that have give us mostly rather serious symptom.
This first day was about how the whole course was composed. We give each other a short presentation. The first part was mostly theoretical and we finished the day with relax moment.
Unfortunately I suffer of a wery irritaded cough.

We get some homework to do untill next Tuesday:
Listen on a CD whit relax instructions.
Write down reflections (diary).
Train relax, ewery day.
Trigger training, a quick way to reach relax. (Put Your thumb, index finger and middle finger together, on Your left hand. Press. Feel the tens. Take a deep breath. Hold Your breath and feel the tens i the whole body. Tens… and relax in the hand and teh whole body.) Several times per day.
Identify My different ’Achilles’ heels’ in the following parts; physics, feelings, thoughts and behaviour.
Read a book: In swedish(’Landa Mjukt’. The English title: ’Land Soft!’. Author: Elisabeth Solin. ISBN: 91-88822-01-x.

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