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mån 7-jan-2008 11:39

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A lot of snow! A mini tractor snowplough, going around on the common yard, wake Me up.

Blog Development
The major part o f the day went to a confused try to get a local installation of My WordPress blog. It partly work. I can now run WordPress on My local computer with the so-called template I use. Try to get along with a so-called theme (template) switcher. The reader can then change template. Actually language template. One is competly in Swedish and the other one is most partly in English. Some tricky. A lot happend per automatic so I have to figured out how to capture this automatic, look at it, eventually remade it and then let it pass further.
To experiment with change of templates I now do on My local computer. The ’thing’ that make Me a lot of trouble was a try to download the completely WordPress MySQL database, to My local computer and install it. I try a lot of different solutions but they all end up with that I land in My blog out on the www? In one moment I get a fairly good result. But if I chose to read one single post I get a error, that says that it not exist? I gave a shit about it. To high trouble factor.

The son came for Sunday dinner (Tacos). And now I can reveal all, initiated in, that he eat the ham up (we did not offer any, it was the one he by). Unfortunately I get a lot of pain in My body by sitting still for so long.

The Cold
Much better but the cough is still irritating in the early night.

Illness Situation
My tinnitus is worse than usual. The skin feeling reduction is not so inconvenience. Tired muscle tense in My neck and upper part of the back. Pain in the lower (distal) part of My both arm. I have only force to one activity per day. And then I mean a more physical activity. The walking have been bore difficulty. It could depend on the fact that there is a little bit slippery and because of that I get tens in a unaware way. A quickly walk works better than a more common walk. I have not train gymnastics (Friskis&Svettis) in a while, the cold have rife in My body.

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