Confused Saturday .

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The night sleep was irritating alike the previous night. Maybe some better.

After breakfast we take a nice walk. The snow hang in the air (and now it is raining). With the right clothes there was no problem to hold the raw cold away.

Look at the phone number presentation display and there was a mobile phone number, i do not regognize, then it came up to me, I have promise to be accessible on the am. There was some boy who should by our old winter tyre. (And I who was so tired…)
I call the number and I explanied that I now was at home. We made up that he should arrive. He came, he watched and he buy. So, now we get rid of the old tyre.

After that, I crashed in, to and on the bed – the coin was over.

Blog development
To day, I have fix with some minor funktions on the blog, correct some small problem. Now, I get in mind, another one…, I do that later…

Domain problem
Discover that it was not possible to see any pictures on My Home Page: Just the pictures, abrupt stop.
So, it became a message to the support. Get a answer that says, that I, in the file .htaccess put the following: ”RewriteRule .*\.(jpg|jpeg|gif|png|bmp)$ – [F,NC]”.
I sent the message back: ”I?”, I even did not know that You could write something in that file and that I have no idea att all what that hawe for function.
But it is obviously bloody brilliant if You want to prevent not wanted access. But in what reason should I want to prevent to show My own pictures, on My own site?

Sent another message to the support and asked obout some more detalied information. E.g. who or what it is that is writing to this file (it is not Me) and what it mean, all the text inside the file. We will see what they answer.

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